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Heather Winlock

The journey that led me to become an Interior Designer can be traced back to my first home. My first home was a complete fixer upper with beautiful curb appeal, but that’s where the beauty ended for most, however for myself it was love at first sight. I saw the potential of what this house could become. Despite not having the financial means to hire professionals, I overcame my fear of power tools and purchased my first saw. Room by room, I painstakingly rebuilt the house, bringing my vision to life.

This experience not only revealed my passion for creation but also my unique ability to envision what others may not see and transform it into reality. I firmly believe that a home should be a sanctuary, a place of solace that embodies comfort, functionality, and beauty. Over the past decade, I have been fortunate enough to create such havens for my clients.

While I may have transformed my first house into a home, in many ways, it was that very home that molded me into the person I am today!